SEPTEMBER 7- 29, 2007


In this instance, the medium is the motorbike. Armed against fatal impact only with a 40 year old visorless helmet. At a respectable rate of 70 miles per hour, 9 sets of squinting exposed human eyeballs take on the machine gun fire of autumn wind and rain. If I could feel it through the numbness, I would brag about the exclusive dryness of my hands, safely housed by my only ‘waterproof gear’, a pair of pink rubber dishwashing gloves. Fuel on reserve, backfiring up a steep mountain pass in total darkness looking for a place to sleep. Rusty old headlights flickering in an out of service, failing coil, stuck throttle, oil leaks, clogged jets, toothless sprockets, bad points, sloppy chains; to name just a few of our combined attributes.

Les Mason at the Narrows

Gallery coming soon