SEPTEMBER 4 - 27 2008

Lie of the land is a series of paintings inspired by four years of visiting the Alpine region of Victoria. A number of these visits have been for an artist's camp in Falls Creek. Reading the land– the shape of a rock, the colour of the sky, the texture of a tree, are reminders of a particular time and place.

"When I am not here I might dream of this landscape. In my dream I would recognise it. I would recognise it, not in terms of previous events, but by its colour, the forms of its hills, its textures and its scale. I would recognise it before I could distinguish between a cherry and an apricot tree. Sometimes perhaps I would recognise it just by virtue of the sky above it – the range of its blues across its immense distance, and the characteristic deployment of the clouds whose shadows pass across the plain. The sharp edges of these shadows reveal what is literally the lie of the land" - John Berger, The Look of Things 1972

John Melin